Art Director, Production Designer, Producer situated in Breda, Netherlands. 

As a kid and frequent 'The Sims' player I explored architecture, interior design and thus set design. Only later when I was already halfway my studies and twenties did I realise this was what I wanted to do for a living.
As an Art Director I have a great understanding of what it is to create a concept through effective design and storytelling.
Not only conceptualizing an idea or story is relevant: Visualizing and executing said concept is as important.
I love make-up, architecture, interior design and film. any canvas on which I can express my passions is a canvas I like to work on. May it be an empty room, a face, a filmset, a stage:
I'll make it magical.

I believe every dreamworld can be turned into reality. Everything is achievable and the sky is the limit. I visualise words from paper to actual physical worlds within the film- tv and music industry. As an Art Director/Production Designer I am the executive hand of the director and scenario-writer and that is exactly where I want to be. As an Art Director I work with genres that go beyond reality such as magical realism, science fiction and thriller/horror. I shape my sets/builds through analog and physical constructions to let others really dive into the imaginative space i've created. I want it to feel real; as if you've actually stepped into another dimension. 

In these designs I tell stories, and within these stories I try to find ways to incorporate my own personal experiences as a young western woman to highlight societal issues and themes around sexism, feminism, love and mourning through a female perspective. I aspire to break through certain biased societal standards and patriarchal influences within these themes. As a woman I feel it is my duty to do so. In my designs I like to hide personal stories and symbolisms that link back to these personal stories and experiences I have collected in my life. While doing so I leave a small trail behind of me. 

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