Project about the generation gap between young adults and the elderly and how COVID-19 has affected this problem even more. During the pandemic our youth kept getting the blame for most of the spreading and problems of covid, but these prejudices are harmful: This gives the impression that all youth are bad and misbehaving. We are obliged to create a form of nuance as the younger generation have given up the most. In this stage of life social contact is at most important for their mental growth. With this video we wanted to create nuance where its due. Stop pointing fingers to others, and start within yourself. 
Everyone is already struggling. 

People are constantly pointing their finger towards other individuals, forgetting themselves sometimes as well. Look in the mirror, does it make sense what all those pointing fingers are saying or is it blackmail?

In Collaboration with: 

St Joost School of Art & Design: Arts & Humanity 

Centre of Expertise Caring Society: Living In Motion 

Julia Oud

Nynke Rijckenberg

Guus Niessen

Brian van Es

Other Work

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